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Sea Side, 


Sligo, Ireland

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Welcome to our dream

Shells Cafe has been something we have dreamed of for many many years. 
Myles is from Cape Town in South Africa. A country of great scenery, food, surf and weather. It is a melting pot of cultures and has produced a wonderfully creative and mellow chef in Myles. Myles originally started studying fine art and this is apparent in his unique presentation skills, his use of colour and flavour in his dishes. If Myles isn't in the kitchen you'll see him skatboarding around the village, surfing or making dinner for friends!
Jane is from Dublin and originally worked in marketing. Having worked in too many restaurants during her travels, her passion for people outweighed her passion for paperwork.  Jane is at home welcoming all the regulars into Shells and putting the world to rest over copious amounts of tea. 
Together they form the backbone of Shells and aim to provide a place of inspiration, great food, cool atmosphere that welcomes everyone and anyone from all walks of life.  If you haven't been to Shells, your'e missing out!

Our goal is simple, to exceed expectations, never disappoint and to enjoy life xo