F.X. Buckley


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2 Crow Street 

Temple Bar,

Dublin D02 N228, 


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The Buckley Family has achieved legendary status in Dublin over the last six generations – originally as butchers and purveyors of the finest quality meats, and subsequently as operators of some of the nation’s favourite steakhouses, gastro-pubs and bars. Legends in our own lunchtime, you might say!

In some ways, we’ve come a very long way since Francis Xavier Buckley opened his first butcher shop on Moore Street in 1930, but in other ways, we haven’t changed a bit. We still source our own Angus and Hereford beef, which means that we know exactly what’s being served on our tables.

And all our heifers are still grazed for at least two years on the finest quality Irish grass, which means that there’s lots of time for a good layer of marbling to build up – for that extra special flavour. We challenge you to find finer beef anywhere in the world!

When you combine the quality of our beef with the mastery of our chefs, the real magic happens. Whether you want a fine dining experience or a world-class burger and beer, we serve you something very special indeed.

Just ask any of our customers who come to visit us each year.