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Devil's Staircase Gin - 20cl & 70cl

Small bottle of our Highland Spiced Gin with the traditional juniper and coriander mixed with flavours of cardamom and nutmeg - 42%
Devil's Staircase - Highland Spiced Gin

Craft Gin Distillery in the Scottish Highlands near Glencoe & Fort William


Devil's Staircase gin is named after a legendary trek in the West Highlands of Scotland. Now part of The West Highland Way, this steep mountian ascent has claimed more than its fair share of victims and hence why it was named.

This Highland Spiced Gin has the flavours of beautiful citrus zest, warm cardamom and nutmeg. Enjoyed best in the company of friends after a rugged munro trek. Devil’s Staircase will warm the palate and relax the body. Best served with a ribbon of orange peel, a couple of cardamom pods and a premium tonic or ginger ale.

Distilled in Pixel Spirits Distillery, West Highlands of Scotland. Label design and artwork is by the legendary Scottish illustrator, Iain McIntosh.

This hand crafted gin is truly small batch (less than 80 bottles per batch), bottled and labelled by hand and each bottle is individually numbered and signed by Craig, the Master Distiller.

Craft Distillery with provenance at heart

Craft Gin distillery with istill - West Highlands of Scotland

PIXEL SPIRITS distillery is set in the scenic grounds of the Loch Leven Hotel in North Ballachulish, Scottish Highlands.

The Pixel Spirits Distillery is true to craft, being self built from the shell of a 17th century A frame barn. We have painstakingly labored to restore our barn and upgraded it to the standards of a current new build. With our team we have fully insulated and provided the former farm buildings with a new lease of life, ready to meet the demands of a contemporary craft distillery and its team.

Led by Craig, our master distiller, we hand forage botanicals in the local area to create our artisan gins. All our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches of less than 100 bottles - Every bottle we produce is genuinely special!

Our i-still, nicknamed Orsetta (little bear), was chosen to create our delicate and taste rich expressions for the outset. We chose to work with i-still as they are inspirational, constantly evolving their own processes and looking for new ways to better their own technology which in turn leads to development in our fantastic portfolio. They optimise the ethos that just because something has been done the same way for centuries, doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved upon. They are an exciting and forward thinking brand pushing the development of new ideas that ultimately lead to a better quality of product for you!

When you look at Orsetta, and her clean contemporary form, you may notice that she is constructed from Stainless Steel, this was chosen as it is more durable than traditional copper. She is bound by a black insulated jacket which means the whole distillation process is more thermally efficient and that cost saving means that our products can be produced with less heat loss which is not only better for the environment but leads to a better price for our customers.


Bespoke tailor made Spirits of Adventure

Tailor made contract gin from the Highlands

Let us create a bespoke product for your business! Whether you are looking for a gin with your own branding to sell in your restaurant, bar or hotel or to impress your clients with unique business gifts - we can tailor make your own craft gin and even design the labelling for you if you wish!

You can have as much or little input in creating your gin recipe as you want. With the guidance of our Master Distiller you can come and create the recipe yourself or you can let us create a recipe using your preferred ingredients.

Prices start from just £25 per bottle (70cl) and minimum order is only around 75 bottles (1 batch).

Contact us now to discuss different options and impress your clients with a gintastic and unique product!


Pixel Spirits - Vision & Values

Craft Gin distillery with istill - West Highlands of Scotland

At pixel spirits distillery we live for craft distilling, we have purposefully started as small as possible so that we can test the water, test the alcohol and test the best possible distillates that we can craft for you. We believe that through experimentation, continuous development, testing and trailing we will create the best and most unique products to bring to the market. We want to constantly develop, grow and advance, not just our own distillery, but the craft of distilling, so will always look to produce inspirational new products as well as further advance those traditional Scottish products that our unique location allows.

Gin was the obvious first choice of distillate, it is traditional, classic but can be adapted without limit to a distilleries locality. In the West Highlands of Scotland, but Lochaber in particular, we have the ultimate range of flora and fauna which allows us to seasonally develop our product range to suit the needs of our customers.

Our products derive as much as possible from the botanicals and ingredients that we can forage locally, but where we have to, we import from sustainable sources along traditional spice routes keeping also their sustainable cultures and exports of a viable nature for generations to come.

Our distillery was developed from an almost derelict 17th century A-frame barn, formerly croft buildings currently in the grounds of Loch Leven Hotel. We decided to painstakingly restore, upgrade and re-use by hand the building to create a craft distillery with the idea not only to create our own unique products but also to allow others to enjoy the art of distilling within its walls. To this end every tile stuck, every board that we plastered and every door we hand lifted into position was for your benefit, so that you too can come make the grade in our Gin School, develop your theories in our Experimental Gin Club or create you own unique tailor made solution to the modern world!


Create your own uber small batch gin!

The Pixel Spirits Gin School is located within the historic former byre of the distillery. Equipped with traditional copper pot mini stills, here you can learn the art of distilling using your own mini still and develop your unique and personal recipe for an Uber small batch gin.

The Gin School experience is suitable to anyone interested in gin distilling, whether you’re a connoisseur or just wish to know more or experience and learn something new! We are happy to play host to individuals, couples or small groups of up to 8 people.

In our class we will teach you about the key botanicals involved in gin making and you will learn how to create your own bespoke and unique gin using botanicals of your choice. We will assist you in blending the various botanicals together to create a completely unique recipe, a full bottle of your own creation will then be yours to take home!

This is a 4 hour experience including a welcome G&T and a large 70cl bottle of your own Spirit of Adventure with a personalized label - Price is £89 per person, group discounts available if sharing stills.

Please email us with dates you are looking for and we are happy check our availability!


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