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Created to redefine the drinks we have drunk for centuries by inspiring and challenging traditions and conformity.

Using the finest tasting natural flavours to create the most superior concentrated syrups around, we are changing the industry one drink at a time.

Only 10ml of Panache is required to flavour your favourite drink.
Each bottle is 250ml of superior concentrated syrup 25 servings.



Serving Suggestions

Panache allows endless combinations and countless possibilities. From mojitos to margaritas, we are becoming a must have ingredient of mixologists!

Sweet Violet

The perfect complement to Gin, this Panache creation is quickly becoming a firm favourite. With its nostalgia evoking taste and aroma, it is easy to understand why everyone wants to taste our sweet violet.

Rhubarb & Ginger

The sweet meets the heat, a firm favourite as an addition to Gin, we couldn’t be happier with Panache Rhubarb and Ginger. Once again a perfect partnership and a must try.


Exotic and sweet, the addition of coconut and caramel is becoming a firm favourite partly due to is versatility. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the sand between your toes. A great addition to Rum based drinks.

Peruvian Lime

A fantastic addition to countless beverages, this zesty firm favourite is unmistakable. We highly recommend the traditional Vodka, Lime and soda using this incomparable, distinct and strong flavour.


This exotic and fruity partnership is a perfect addition to countless drinks. Whether it is the infusion of Vodka, Gin, or Rum, we know that that this latest Panache creation will complement your beverage

Lemongrass & Vanilla

With its subtle citrus flavour, this herb is a perfect complement to Gin & Tonic. We have paired this distinctive flavour with that of Madagascan Vanilla to make yet another sensational Panache partnership.

Strawberry & Guava

The first creation from Panache and it’s still a firm favourite. Combining the old faithful with the new kid on the block. The unmistakable taste of summer meets the fruit of Fiesta! Panache Strawberry and Guava Gin and Tonic is the most original twist of a classic beverage and quite possibly our proudest creation.

Why not try a Panache Strawberry and Guava Mojito?


This versatile fruit will compliment the majority of drinks and is an ever present, particularly with Mixologists. Perfect with Gin and Vodka alike we are proud of our Panache Cranberry Gin and Tonic but we encourage creativity…

Why not add a touch of Prosecco?


Large in size and large in flavour, this refreshing fruit is unbelievable with almost everything. Whether with a Gin or a Vodka or mixed with a White Rum, you will fall in love with Panache Watermelon.

Try a Watermelon Prosecco Spritzer.

Dark Cherry

The boldest fruit of all in our opinion, an essence that demands respect and so it should. Sourcing the largest, firmest dark sweet Cherries we have created the perfect combination of sweet flavour with the right amount of tang.

Fantastic with Gin and Vodka, also try a Cherry Cola Bourbon.


The refreshing and traditional taste of Elderflower, a perfect complement to a Gin and Tonic. Perfectly garnished with Lemon, Mandarin or Honey.


Sourced from the Far East, a fruit that continues to enhance its reputation, and so it should. A delightfully sweet fruit, Lychee pairs well with Citrus, Ginger, Gooseberry, Tropical Fruit or Vanilla.

A must-try is the Panache Lychee Cooler.


This exotic fruit, which is widely regarded as the most tropical, is considered one of the most versatile flavours available and therefore one of the must have Panache creations. Complimented by garnishes such as Apple, Banana, Berries, Caramel, Citrus, Coconut, Melon, Sauternes, Tropical Fruits or Vanilla.

Mixed Wild Berries

Enough said! The finest, sweetest and juiciest berries combined to create the perfect ensemble to compliment any drink. From Gin to Vodka and Cocktails to Cider this creation is bursting with potential and the possibilities are literally endless.


The elegant and bold twist of Orange Zest and Aniseed Star creates a distinct and explosive taste that is quickly becoming a firm favourite with Gin drinkers. Try garnishing with Berries, Cherry, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cranberry, Fig, Ginger, Grape, Hazelnut, Mint, Nutmeg, Persimmon, Pineapple or Vanilla.

Passion Fruit

Famous for its pulp, which is highly aromatic and has a tropical sweet tart flavour. Passion Fruit Panache has such huge appeal with both Gin and Vodka, allowing Mixologists to create masterpieces like the Passion Fruit Mojito.

Pink Grapefruit

The pinnacle of Cirtus fruit, the perfect compliment to a tall Gin and Tonic. Both sweet and tart, infusing any drink with Panache Pink Grapefruit is an easy decision. Garnish with Citrus, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Tropical Fruit or Vanilla.


A traditional favourite, this sweet wild berry has been complimenting drinks for years and we are immensely proud to be providing its unmistakable flavour as our own! Perfect with Gin and Tonic.

Why not give a Raspberry Panache Summer Punch a go?


No need to introduce this classic, as expected, the perfect complement to a Gin and Tonic. Try serving your Rhubarb Panache with Gin and Tonic over ice, garnished with Apple, Apricot, Berries, Black Pepper, Citrus, Ginger, Nectarine, Peach, Plum or Strawberry for the perfect refreshing experience.


Hugely popular flavour, and a firm favourite. Great with Gin and Vodka but has endless possibilities with Mixologists. Garnish with Mango, Lemon, Hazelnut, Ginger, Fig, Lavender or any other Citrus Fruit.

Try a Panache Blueberry Gin Fizz!


Perfect as the traditional compliment to a Gin and Tonic.


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