Pago Los Vivales

Pago Los Vivales

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Baltasar Moralejo e hijos, SL , previously dedicated to the meat sector for 50 years, has wanted to transfer its experience to the world of the dairy industry, guaranteeing this cheese as a first quality product .

We have the most advanced and innovative means in terms of feeding techniques, breeding, milking and manufacturing, meeting the strictest requirements in any of these processes: health, hygiene and respect the environment.

We can guarantee the traceability of the product ; This means that we have absolute control of the whole process, from the manufacture of the food that our livestock consumes, through the rearing of our cattle, the milking process and later the elaboration of the final product, our cheese.

We find it very rewarding to be able to offer a product that complies with all the established quality canons and thus be able to guarantee a cheese with frank flavor, long persistence in the mouth and slow, subtle and pleasant evolution, prompting to repeat tasting.


Tel: +34 (0) 980 081 061

Polígono 1 Parcela 33 Finca Los Pago Los Vivales 
49530 Coreses Zamora