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Current Products Available
three kelps sold as slaw cut noodles, kelp pesto, kelp relish - plain and spicy, kelp tapenade and kelp salsa verde.

Products come in food service containers and as retail products.

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The people of Rathlin Island are linked to the environment and committed to sustainable fishing practices in many ways. Islanders are even training to become lab technicians to assist with baby kelp production. The success of Islander Kelp to such a tiny community would serve as a long term industry and a source of jobs to help the sustainability of the people themselves.

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This 4th generation fishing family on the island of Rathlin off the north coast know all about the health benefits of seaweed. The McFauls also know that the cool clear waters they harvest from produce some of the best quality kelp in the world. It’s where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Irish Sea. Unlike other kelp producers, they actually farm kelp on ropes, allowing them to select their preferred species, achieve consistency and be much more sustainable than with wild harvesting.
Uniquely in Europe, the organic kelp is not dried, but sorted, cut into noodles and ‘tagliatelle’ shaped products, then blanched and vacuum packed and frozen at their facility on Rathlin Island. This process means it is ready to use, verdant green, very low in salt (.2grms per 100grms) and hugely versatile.
The ready to use can be used in a salad, in soups, stir fries, as a garnish, as an ingredient in sauces and condiments. It can also be put through a processor and added to bread and pasta dough, giving added moisture, enhanced appearance and that subtle ocean taste.
Islander Kelp has more calcium, iron and roughage than any other vegetable – it is a true super food. Like they say; good for the ocean, good to eat, good for you.


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TEL: +44 (0) 7925 025 211

Islander Kelp
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