Aloe Drink for Life

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We use only fresh pulp

Aloe Drink For Life is a non-alcoholic flavoured water with pieces of fresh aloe vera pulp. Our organic and regular aloe vera drink is the best on the market, all natural, healthy and fun.

Only 48 hours between the harvest and the bottling, use is made of fresh aleo vera

Produced in Thailand from a very unique recipe (freshly pasteurized our aloe vera is the crunchiest on the market as its harvested and bottled within 48 hours), our aloe vera drink, Aloe Drink For Life, is the perfect combination of wellbeing and pleasure.
Without colouring nor preservative, Without GMO nor Gluten, Vegan, Organic and regular our range of products is available in a large amount of natural and organic flavour in several formats.

All farms that work with us follow organic farming standards

Aloe Drink For Life is produced in Thailand where we own our production center. We work in direct relation with local farmers in order to guaranty a high level of freshness and quality. The local conditions and soil in Thailand allow us to find some of the best Aloe Vera in the world.

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TEL: +33 9 53 23 09 58


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