A Little Bit Food Co.

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A Little Bit Food Co.

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Our mission is to connect people with the joy of fresh herbs both in the kitchen and in the garden. Fresh herbs are easy to grow and a great way to transform a simple dish into something extraordinary and full of goodness.  We want to inspire people to make fresh herbs a part of everyday life through our range of Healthy Vegan, Gluten Free Dips, Sauces, Ketchups and Dressings.

Green fingers run in my family. My Father and Uncle have both been involved in the world of horticulture for many years, so a fascination with gardening rubbed off on me from an early age. Combined with my love of cooking, I continue to be inspired by the incredible versatility of fresh herbs. These amazing plants can transform a simple sauce or dressing into something else a little bit more extraordinary!

A Little Bit Food Co.

You don’t need boundless space to strike up a meaningful relationship with herbs either - a little pot on the windowsill and a drop of water, does the trick. I always have a wide selection of fresh herbs growing within arm’s reach of my kitchen.

My first recipe was based on a secret family recipe. This was adapted by adding different herbs and natural ingredients mostly picked just outside my backdoor. With a trail of leaves and sprigs in my wake, I eventually found something that was... a little bit better... my Red Onion and Parsley Dressing!

Encouraged by friends and family and before you could shout 'Thyme', my dressings were soon in hot demand and I found myself busy brewing and bottling! As my recipes matured, my idea for fresh and natural dressings took root - A Little Bit was born!


Tel: +44 (0) 1885 498308

A Little Bit Food Co.
Little Birches
WR15 8QA