Amberline Preserves

Amberline Preserves offer a great range of delicious and nutritious homemade preserves, syrups, cordials, and jams, containing at least 70% fresh fruit and vegetables grown on our farm, as well as wild seasonal ingredients foraged from the surrounding countryside.

Our sugar-free range is particularly popular with parents of young children, diabetics, those on a sugar-controlled diet, and anyone looking for a healthy alternative to sugar-laden preserves, without compromising on taste.

Our naturally cultured range of probiotic foods and drinks help you improve your digestive and immune system, boosting nourishment and energy levels, and leaving you feeling lighter and happier.

With the host of innovative flavour combinations to choose from, Amberline Preserves is used and recommended by chefs throughout greater Belfast because it is local, honest, traceable and, most importantly, delicious.